Voice Recorder Keychain - Spy Audio Recording Device

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A voice recorder key-chain that lets you record important conversations while in school lectures or business meetings.

One touch recording and saving function, with additional features like play and pause, previous and next song for easy playback and reference while on the go.


Voice activated feature that works even if device is turns off. No more silent snippets or whisper in your recording. Once voice is detected, it will auto records and saves.


Improved zero-noise performance with the latest DSP+ noise reduction technology and active noise cancellation enhancements ensuring high- 
qualified audio recording experience.

Compact design doubles up as a key-chain, and made with durable aluminium alloy casing. Use as a key-chain for your house keys, easy to carry around for portable recording.

Use as a key-chain for your car keys, to record important notes inside a car while driving.

Quick 30 mins charge for 20 hours of continuous recording.

Compatibility with Mac and PC. Transfer files easily onto your computer.

All products are covered by a 1 year manufacturer warranty.