Small Voice Recorder - USB Recording Device with Instant Playback and Voice Activated Feature

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Are you still recording important things using your smartphone?

Smaller than most flash drives and amazingly more versatile, the Uqique pocket-sized recorder is capable of capturing audio, playing music, and transporting files on the move. It fits easily into your pocket so that you are always able to keep it handy whenever you need it.

So Small and Compact Enough To Carry In Your Pocket For Lectures, Meetings, Voice Memos and Note-taking

Bring it to class to record your lectures, jot down important notes during business conferences and meetings, play music without killing your phone's battery, and take important files with you in a pinch. Plus, with voice activated functionality, you can ensure you capture important audio without missing any vital details.

Additional Features and More Stability

- Record crystal-clear audio on the move
- Timestamp recordings for easy reference
- Delete files without having to connect to a computer
- Store up 8GB of data or 96 hours of recordings
- Use for up to 24 hours on a single charge
- Start recording faster w/ the voice activated mode
- Compact design makes it easy to fit in your pocket
- Deleting audio files on the go, without having to connect to a computer
- Fast forwarding/ rewinding an audio file while playing back

TIP: To turn on the voice activated feature for recording, press and hold the [-] button while you toggle the power switch to [ON], wait for the indicator light to go off before you release the button.

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