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11 Creative Ways To Use A Mini Voice Recorder

You may have seen those miniature voice recorders out there, but frankly, with all the apps on the market, you just didn’t see the need for it. In many instances though, those tiny little innovations can be a lot more useful than you can think of.

A mini voice recorder can be a lot of fun, but did you know that it could also be an incredibly useful tool for you. We don’t mean just recording the things that others say, but more, it can be useful in ways that many people don’t imagine.

Here are 11 things that you may not have considered what you can do with a mini voice recorder.

1. Improve your speech:
Use a mini voice recorder to record speeches and play them back to check on your tone and style and improve on your speech. Watch for things like “um”, “er” and “you know” and work on eliminating those from your speeches.

2. Create your own voice-overs:
Record voice-overs for miniature advertising. Most of these little beauties today connect to your laptop or your computer so that you can download your recordings to use online. They are the perfect way to record voice-overs for your next marketing video on YouTube.

3. Create a voice-over portfolio:
Create a portfolio of voice-overs so that people can see the different styles and tones that you’re capable of. Create 5 or six different styles of voice-overs and upload them to an online platform where people can see your talent.

4. Taking lecture and class notes:
Use a mini voice recorder to record lectures. Yes we know this is an older one, but realistically, many professors today don’t allow voice recording devices on desktops or cell phones in classrooms. Your recorder may well be fine if it’s not visible and it is not a distraction.

5. Learning a foreign language:
If you’re trying to learn a foreign language, you’re in need of practice to be sure that your tone and pronunciation is correct. The ideal solution is a mini voice recorder because when you are in class or speaking with other people who are practicing, you’re able to record those conversations (do let people know that they are being recorded for learning purposes).

6. Follow-up on conversations:
If you haven’t got a recording method available to record your online conversations on software such as skype, but you really need to keep track of what’s being said, inform the person to whom you are speaking that you’d like to record the conversation and use a voice recorder to do so. That will help you keep track of all that was said and follow up on what you need to do as per the conversation. This is particularly helpful when you’re making a skype business call and need to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

7. Create your own audio books:
You can do this for places such as Project Gutenberg which is a non profit project and graciously accept any donated materials such as a smooth voice reading a book. You might also consider creating one or two audio books for your own kids. Being able to read them a story when you’re out of town or on business elsewhere makes them more comfortable and helps you to stay close to them.

8. Create your own podcasts:
Nowadays, podcasts are a popular form of audio entertainment, much like a radio show. You can create a podcast with a voice recorder and download these digitized audio files to your computer. You’re able to edit these audio files for a much clearer and crisp quality and upload them to your own website or YouTube to attract more traffic and gain more followers.

9. Create your own music tracks to use for karaoke:
There are certain songs that you do well and love to sing. The problem is that there are times when you arrive at your favorite karaoke venue, and they don’t have the music track that you want. Take it with you and your mini recorder could make you the hit of the party. It’s small, lightweight and connects to any speakers or sound systems, usually with something as little as a usb plug. Do make sure that you get a quality recording of the music.

10. Create your own unique ringtones:
Many cell phones today allow you to create your own ring tones. They will accept mp3s or in some cases other audio format files. You can create great recordings of your favorite “sounds” and then upload them to your computer and set them into the format that your phone will accept. Ideally you’ll have ringtones that are special to you and that no one else has, like your loved ones voices or even your baby mumbling. In addition, creating your own ringtones can save a lot of money over buying them.

11. Story-reading with your kids:
Help your kids to get better at reading by recording them as they read a short story to you. That will give them real insight into what they need to work on and may induce a real love of reading in your kids as well.

What’s your take on this?

These are just a few of the ways that a mini voice recorder can come in handy. If you’re creative, you’ll find more ways of your own that you can make use of that cool new gadget. What are some other ways you use a voice recording device for? Tell me.. 😉