Small Voice Recorder for Lectures – USB Audio Recording Device with Playback

The Uqique mini voice recorder is a miniature audio recording device. With a size that is smaller than most USB flash drives or thumb drives, it is easy to fit into your pocket so that you are always able to keep it handy whenever you need it. A voice recorder, MP3 player and USB flash drive all-in-one device, you can used it for recording classroom lectures and business conferences, music playback and data storage. With its compact and ultra-portable pocket-sized design, you can carry this small and light-weight digital voice recorder wherever you go.

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Do You Need A Small & Portable Recording Device That Is Easy For You To Take On The Go?

Uqique digital voice recorder is arguably the smallest digital audio recording device in the market that transmits clear and high-definition sound. Smaller than most USB flash drives or thumb drives, it is easy to fit into your pocket so that you are always able to keep it handy whenever you need it. Being a voice recorder, MP3 player and USB flash drive all in one gadget, it can be used for recording classroom lectures and business conferences, music playback and data storage.

This mini voice recorder worked like a gem as it can picks up voices very well and at a good distance too. It is great for keeping notes on a variety of occasions such as classes, lectures, meetings, interviews and the like, saving much time and trouble, and you can easily playback and review the recordings instantly and not lose any information. Intelligent noise cut filtering and voice amplification with a built-in ADPCM algorithm, you can record up to 10 hours of non-stop recordings with crystal-clear sound quality.

Easy one-touch feature, toggle to [ON] and you can start recording in just a few seconds. You can use it as a audio recorder to record anything, or simply use it as a MP3 player to listen to your favourite songs. Simple plug-and-play feature for file transfer to a PC, there’s no installation needed. With a built-in 8GB memory, you can store up to 96 hours of recordings easily without any hassle.

Product Weight: 8 gram (0.28 oz) ; Product Size: 4.7 x 1.8 x 0.6 cm (1.9 x 0.7 x 0.3 in)
Built-in Memory: 8GB ; Recording Time: 96 hrs ; Recording Format: WAV
Playback Format: MP3/WMA/WAV ; Recording Bit Rate: 192 Kbps
Sampling Frequency: 48 KHz ; PC-interface: USB 2.0 ; Battery Capacity: 3.7V/80mAh
System Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 3.95 × 3.08 × 1.78 in

10 reviews for Small Voice Recorder for Lectures – USB Audio Recording Device with Playback

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rick Bennette

    The Uqique voice recorder is actually three devices in one. 1) It’s a simple voice recorder. 2) It’s a tiny mp3 player. 3) It’s an 8 gig memory stick. The device itself is the smallest audio recorder I’ve ever seen. It’s actually smaller and thinner than most thumb drives.

    It comes with a set of ear buds and a special cable that doubles as a USB charging cable and data transfer cable. There is no USB connector on the end of the device itself. The cable is the only means of transferring data or charging the device. Don’t lose it.

    To begin recording, simply turn the switch to ON. A small red light flashes for five seconds as the unit initializes, then recording begins. Turn the switch OFF to end the recording. It’s just that simple.

    When you plug the device into your computer, you’ll see a file structure that separates the music from the voice recordings. When you want to copy mp3 files to the device for listening, be sure to drag them into the root directory so the player finds them automatically. You can also drag other types of files like text, pictures, etc for purposes of data storage. You’d probably want to add another folder marked FILES for doing that.

    Plugging in the cable into your computer begins the charging process as well as initiates the file transfer process. It’ll charge fully in about half an hour.

    The recorded files are WAV format with a 48,000 hertz sample rate, recorded at 192KPS. The WAV files will time sync perfectly with most video editing programs. These WAV voice recordings reside in a folder marked RECORD. The mp3 files for your music reside in the root directory. You can switch between playing from the root or RECORD folder by pressing down and holding the (-) button.

    The unit has no AGC function, so you must regulate your speaking accordingly. Leaving the unit on a desk and speaking a few feet away yields an acceptable voice note recording with minimal distortion. The sound isn’t rich and full but it is very intelligible for voice recordings. If you hold the unit too close to your mouth to record your speech, or if you speak too loud, it will distort but you can still understand what’s being said. For classroom note taking, the sound is fairly decent from across the room. This is a voice recorder and it functions well for that purpose. Recording music sounds very thin.

    When you plug in headphones, the unit knows you’ll be listening to music. It begins playing the mp3 files in the root directory, but won’t play the voice recordings in the RECORD directory until you press and hold the (-) button. The ear buds are very tinny, but a good set of headphones yields pretty decent audio quality when playing mp3 files.

    Two buttons on the end of the unit double as music skip and volume buttons. Hold it down to change the volume, or click it quick to advance the songs. Being on the end means the buttons aren’t likely to get pressed by accident in your pocket.

    In summary, this device makes a convenient little voice note taker and small mp3 player. It serves its purpose well for what it was designed to do.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eric Wilson

    A digital recorder, mp3 player, and 8GB flash drive all in one . . . How could I resist?

    We ordered this, and it arrived in a convenient box with headphones and a cord for attaching the device to a USB port. We believed it could be a great Christmas gift for our daughter who is traveling overseas. She loves to have all her music in one place, and this includes the earphones to listen to her songs. She can use the digital recording to keep a digital diary of her trip. And we even loaded our own voice file, wishing her a Merry Christmas.

    The recording is a lot clearer than on two other digital recorders I own, and this device is ultra-small, especially considering all that it contains. We plugged the USB cord into our PC, into our Chromebook, a laptop, and a Mac. It showed up on all of them, allowing us to drop and drag files, rename them, organize them into files, etc. Wow. My other recorders are more limited. One doesn’t work with Windows Media Player. Another doesn’t work with mp3 files. The Uqique recorder works with both.

    For easy listening on a plane flight, my daughter can definitely listen to her loaded songs by moving back and forth between them with the small + and – signs on the end of the device. And the volume can also be adjusted there. This is just a fantastic deal, and I am so glad that we can send this off to her for Christmas with a personalized message.

    It’s about time someone put all these components into one device and made it so easy and sleek to use. We were impressed.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brian Reaves

    I don’t know that it would be possible to find a digital recorder smaller than this one. It looks like a thumb drive (perhaps a little smaller and thinner) and therefore will most likely be ignored by others when being used. It charges quickly in 30 minutes or less, and there is the possibility of overcharging the unit, so don’t just leave it plugged in when you’re not using it.

    The recording functionality is incredibly easy. Just turn on the switch and it begins recording. Turn it off to stop. You can hear the recording by using your computer or on the device itself with headphones. It is supposed to work with both Windows and Mac, but I only have a Windows computer to test it with. The sound files are useable, but if you have software to tweak it a bit you might want to do that.

    You can also use this as an MP3 player by moving files onto the drive’s root directory. The only control you have is skipping songs and volume control, so “random” isn’t an option. Still, this is a great little recorder for school or classes.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    Wood B. Hermit

    What especially interested me about this unobtrusive and extremely small format “Uqique Digital Voice Recorder USB” was its description as a “Hidden Spy Voice Recording Device 8GB with MP3”, just the thing to unleash the archetypal spy within me.

    Well, it functions admirably as a surreptitious recording device. Upon receiving the recorder only a quick 30-minute charge via the proprietary USB cable included and a USB port on my PC was needed to get everything up and running perfectly, just as described in the included instructions which are brief and to the point. Afterwards, I simply toggled the on/off switch to on and then dropped this small, flattened, cylindrically shaped object into my shirt pocket while going about my business, not checking to see what had or had not happened until several hours had elapsed.

    I was very pleased to later on see that just about everything that had transpired in the meantime had indeed been recorded with great clarity and minimal background noise/hissing. This is all the more remarkable in light of the recorder’s extremely small footprint. According to the manufacturer, about 96 hours of voice recording is possible in wave file format until the 8 GB capacity of the drive is reached and your earliest recording(s) will be overwritten/deleted. So be sure to download anything of importance to your PC well before this happens. As already indicated, I did not find the minimal background noise on my recordings to be at all bothersome, but for those wishing to eliminate most of this and really polish what has been recorded the manufacturer – UQIQUE – provides free additional information (downloadable 7-page report as a PDF file) on how this can be done using free Audacity software which is available for both PC and Mac platforms. Just see their site on the Internet; the pertinent link is included in the instructions that come with the device.

    The actual playback of my secret recording was a simple task to perform. Using the included USB cable and my PC the UQIQUE recorder showed up as an additional drive on my PC (in my case E). The root directory of this drive contains two preloaded sample songs in MP3 format (“It’s OK and “Walking in the Sun”) both of which play without a hitch. There is also a RECORD folder on this drive with a subfolder entitled VOICE and this is where all voice recordings – secretly recorded or not – can be found as wave files. I don’t know why, but there is a problem with the date/time stamp of the recorded files created on the recorder being incorrect (e.g., on today’s date 12/23/2014 files dated 01/15/2015 were created). However, the files themselves work perfectly.

    Without using my PC playback also was a no-brainer. I simply securely inserted the included earbuds into the same outlet used for the proprietary USB cable, firmly toggled the on/off switch to on and was good to go. Briefly pressing the silver (-) button switches between MP3 songs in the root directory and voice recordings in the VOICE subfolder as already mentioned above. Pressing and holding the silver (-) button decreases the volume. Briefly pressing the silver (+) button moves from one recording to the next in either the root directory of the device for musical recordings or within the VOICE folder for voice recordings. Pressing and holding the silver (+) button increase the volume. In order to scroll forward and backward through individual recordings be they music or voice, you will need to use your computer.

    Everything really does function perfectly as described. If you are still having problems of any sort, see the manufacturer’s site on the Internet for a handy 2-page FAQ that is available free of charge or contact UBIQUE directly; they likely will be very happy to assist you.

    While this device does store and play music files, voice recordings of any kind are bound to be my primary use. This would also be a neat little recorder for use in university lecture halls to assist in note taking, assuming that you are properly seated (further towards the front) to make a good quality recording. For music playback options I am more likely to prefer other devices such as my smartphone, etc. which also let you listen to music without the use of earbuds or headphones. The 8GB recorder itself also can be used as a mass storage device, if you like, for PDF files, etc. in combination with your PC or Mac, but I think that dedicated flash drives that are not recorders would be better suited for such a purpose.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Absolutely Amazing. This tiny little device holds music, notes to yourself, whatever you can think of. It records at the drop of a hat, so if you are hearing something you know you’ll need later, just flip it on and you are set! I use it to record my daily errand list, as well as my grocery lists before shopping. I’ve used it to record directions my husband gives me so I don’t have to call and ask him again later. I can see this coming in very handy at conventions and conferences, as well as classes that I’m hoping to take this year.
    Uqique is tiny and compact, but it has every function you could need. The + and – buttons turn the device up and down, as well as helping you flip between files. Quick presses flip between files, while the volume is controlled by holding the button. The sound quality is clear and perfect. It has 8 gigs which means it will hold around 96 hrs of recordings. That’s more than enough for all the music you could want, as well as messages or personal recordings. I can’t get over that it only takes 30 minutes to recharge this little beauty!

  6. Rated 4 out of 5

    Colleen Nelson

    This thing is pretty cool. I was shocked when I opened the box and saw the actual size; it’s perfect to put anywhere. The Mini Digital Voice Recorder comes with the tiny recorder (18.3mm wide, 45.7mm long, and 6.35mm thick), a USB cable and a pair of earbuds. There are two “volume” buttons (+) and (-) and a little LED pinhole light on one end and on the other is the on/off switch and the 3.5mm audio jack.

    Really easy to use – charge the device with the cable – then simply turn the switch to “on” and recording will begin. When in recording mode, it eill blink blue, then red solid, red blink and then dark. While recording, the LED light is off – making it super discrete.

    Charging was really quickly (maybe 30-40 minutes). When fully charged, the light will be solid, instead of the blinking that it does when charging. There is a warning not to charge too long, as that will reduce the life of the battery.

    This little thing picks up sound easily; audio quality was impressive from something so little. Conversations were clear and it even picked up the background noises! Turning the recorder off and on will start a new recording.

    To playback, just plug in earbuds. It won’t record if the earbuds are plugged in. In playback mode, it will blink blue when playing an mp3 file and blink red when playing a WAV file. Tap (-) button to move from voice recordings to mp3s. Tap (+) to skip to next song/recording. Volume is controlled by holding the (+) or (-) buttons.

    Plugging it into the computer, it shows up the same way a flash drive does. The device itself will blink purple. The recorded voice files are in a folder called Voice in a subfolder named Record. I noticed that the date and time of the recording are not accurate time/date of the recording.

    The battery life is approximately 10 hours and the size is 8GB, which is about 92 hours of recording capacity. This thing would be perfect for recording lectures (might be a good idea to check with instructor first though)!

    As others have noted, the two preloaded songs were not a strong point but the company was made aware of the issue and changed that. Overall, I am so glad to have tested this. I love it and will be using it for meetings at work when notes need to be taken 🙂

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tara Carlson

    I was looking for a portable voice recorder that I could keep in my purse – I like to write, and often ideas will come to me at times when I’m not able to track down a paper and pencil and stop what I’m doing to write them down. I figured a voice recorder would let me just dictate the idea and then I could write it down later. This recorder is even smaller than I envisioned – it’s about the size (and weight) of a typical thumb drive (and it can be used for that purpose in addition to all its other functions and features). So it’s extremely portable, and the multiple functions (voice recorder/playback, MP3 player, and flash storage) make this an incredibly handy little gadget!

    First things first: At first I couldn’t get my computer to see the device, but I finally figured out that you have to give a little extra push on the jack that attaches from the USB to the device to secure the connection. As soon as I did that the folder opened up right away on my computer. (It comes up as a DVR device in the Computer folder).

    Due to the compact design there’s no display screen to walk you through how to use the device. There’s an on/off switch plus the jack port at one end, and there are two buttons (labeled + and -) plus an indicator light at the other end – that’s it. It’s actually really simple to use once you read through the included instruction guide (which is very short, to-the-point, and easy to understand). The two buttons perform multiple functions, and the indicator light does different things in different colors to let you know what’s going on.

    When connected to a computer (which is also how you charge it), there’s a default “Recordings” folder, but you can create as many other folders as you want (for music, pictures, documents, whatever you want). I created one folder for music and transferred over a bunch of music files, and then created a third folder for non-audio files.

    Using it as a voice recorder is incredibly easy – you just turn it on (with the ear buds disconnected). The indicator light glows, then blinks, then the recording starts. Recording stops when you turn it off. Turning it back on starts a new recording. I turned the recorder on and then put it in my pocket to see how clear the playback would be – the sound quality of the recordings (and the playback) is really good – until I figured out how to adjust the volume, I had to hold the ear buds near me instead of wearing them because the sound was so loud and clear. There was a little residual noise from my pocket rubbing against the recorder when I walked around, but I could still hear what else was going on in the room very clearly (in this case, the audio from a video my son was watching).

    If you want to listen to the playback immediately, you plug the ear buds in and then turn it on. The “+” button lets you skip ahead to the next file. If you want to listen to your music folder, then you press the “-” button to switch folders. Once you access your music folder, you can use the “+” button to skip to the next song. The + and – buttons also work as volume control buttons when you hold them down.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    Justin Germino

    This very small compact voice recorder was used to create shopping lists as well as notes and ideas on what I wanted to blog about while I was driving, I just flipped it on and started talking and it was able to pick up my voice clearly and playback later was loud though the voice was a little hollow and sounded like I was in a large room, the voice itself was crystal clear and clearly understandable. There is a 3 second pause when you first power it on to record, so make sure you wait a good 3-4 seconds before you start talking or it won’t record the first few words you say. Playback defaults to music files first, so had to hit the – button to switch to stored voice recordings and I was easily able to listen and play them back. Overall the product does function exactly what it is for, it is a small voice recorder that can pick up all sounds in a fairly large room well so it can be used to record conferences, lectures (if sitting close enough) and most of all your own thoughts for playback later.

    You transfer files to to your PC via the supplied USB cable, and can even put music files on it and use it as a mp3 player as well. The supplied earbuds are pretty low end, but any pair of earbuds will work with it and they get the job done for listening to your recordings, but not very good for listening to music through.

  9. Rated 4 out of 5


    My wife ordered the recorder to be able to record telephone conversations with one of her instructors. The recorder worked well for that purpose. The recorder’s sensitivity was strong enough to pick up the voice coming from the speaker-phone on my wife’s iPhone. Playback worked well; my wife was able to hear the conversation well when she played it back later. However, we were unable to download the conversation to our computer since we have a Mac and the recorder is only PC-compatible. The support from Uqique was very good; when we emailed for assistance regarding downloading recordings and/or saving them to a computer, we received a helpful response within 24 hours. We would recommend this product to anyone interested in a small recorder/MP3 device.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought this based on positive reviews and we weren’t disappointed. We took it on a recent trip to New Zealand. It’s really fun to capture various sounds… city noises, birds in the rainforest, waterfalls, etc. and then listen to them after the trip is over. Sounds can be just as important as pictures. The device itself worked very well and is much more convenient than getting out the iPhone, finding the voice memo app and getting it going. The Uqique recorder is so tiny it’s easy to carry with you everywhere and just needs a few seconds to start recording. We’re very happy with the purchase.

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