Powerful voice amplification with crystal clear sound quality
    All recordings are saved instantly
    Small, compact and lightweight
  • UP TO 10HRS
    Enjoy up to 10 hrs of non-stop recording/playback
    Instant playback with a pair of earbuds
    Simply plug-and-play for file transfer
    Enjoy listening to your favourite songs
    Stored up to 96 hrs of recordings

So small yet so powerful

There are times when you need to remember every small facet of the conversation.
No one’s memory is quite that perfect.

There are times when you need to make a voice memory jogger for your own use,
but you need something small and compact enough to carry in a pocket.

When a laptop isn’t welcome and a full sized recording device isn’t convenient, you’ve got options.

The Uqique mini voice recorder is designed to be the go anywhere device that you need.

When you just can’t carry a laptop and a full sized recording device won’t cut it,
the Uqique mini voice recorder does the job of both.

This small, lightweight, digital recording device is smaller than your car keys and nearly as useful.
Arguably the tiniest digital recorder on the market today, it fits into a pocket or purse.

This device is a recorder, a USB flash drive and a quality MP3 player all rolled into one tiny package.
You’ll never miss another lecture, never lose the data from that last business conference,
never again fail to remember those small store lists when you carry this tiny device around.

Ultra light, ultra portable and ultra smart, the Uqique mini voice recorder is made to be
your go-to recorder when you just don’t have the space for a record.

Why Uqique?

  • Ultra Portable

    Small, compact and pocket size, it measures only 4.7*1.8*0.6 cm and weighs about 8 grams

  • Noise Filtering

    Intelligent noise cut filtering microphone and powerful voice amplification with crystal clear sound quality

  • High Definition

    Built-in ADPCM algorithm that transmits clear and high-definition audio sound quality

  • One-touch Toggle

    Easy one-touch feature, simply toggle to [ON] and start recording in 3 secs

  • Easy Playback

    Easily playback and review your recordings with a pair of audio earbuds

  • Auto-save

    Intelligent auto-save feature, all recordings are saved instantly and not lose any information

  • 8GB Memory

    Built-in 8 GB memory which can stored up to 96 hours of recordings easily without any hassle

  • Up to 10hrs

    Lasts up to 10 hours of non-stop voice recording and audio playback

  • Plug-and-Play

    Simple plug-and-play feature for file transfer, no installation needed on your computer

  • Quick Charge

    Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery, just a quick 30 minutes to fully charge the device

  • Voice Recorder

    You can use it as a portable audio recorder to record lectures or meetings at a good distance

  • MP3 player

    You can use it as a MP3 media player for listening to your favourite music and songs

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  • Have no problem with the seller but should have paid closer attention to the dimensions they gave. This thing is TINY and the directions for it are in extremely fine print.

    Jean Lange

  • Item arrived in good time. Just as advertised.

    Karen Prunty

  • Item was packaged well, in great condition.

    Justin Germino

  • Very helpful device. Instructions were easy to follows & works great. Clear audio & playback feature is a plus.

    Devika Raj

  • Happy with this item. Works as expected, very effective. Playback is loud so before you place ear buds in your ear, check the volume. Happy with the purchase.

    Helen Lakeru

  • I'm so excited about the size and weight of this product, it's really small and light! The quality is good and the price is really nice. I love it.

    Chiyomi Koike

  • I really like it. It was not hard to operate, and the instructions were very short, and they worked. Thanks!

    Anne Sullivan

  • Order arrived quickly and was just as described.

    Kim Windsor

  • Just received it! Looks awesome! Have not had a chance to test it out yet but so far so great!

    Ivet Solis

  • Product was exactly as described, could not have been happier with the product, price, shipping, or the seller, overall a pleasure to do business with !!!

    Jeff Hicks